Turner Trace Color Schemes

The new color schemes, as approved by the Board of Directors on December 9, 2009, are shown below. Note that with the exception of units on Mapleton Court, homeowners may use any of the five approved color schemes. Please see the note below for more information about units on Mapleton Court.

The colors and color codes listed are for Sherwin Williams paints. Sample color swatches showing the new colors are on the community bulletin board (on Wellesley in front of the pool).

Bulding Colors

Color SchemePrimary ColorTrim Color
Option 1SW 6067–MochaSW 6086–Sand Dune
Option 2SW 7722–TravertineSW 7681–Tea Light
Option 3SW 7542–NaturalSW 7531–Canvas Tan
Option 4SW 7518–Beach HouseSW 7529–Sand Beach
Option 5SW 7501–Threshold TaupeSW 7511–Bungalow Beige
Mapleton Ct. OnlySW 7718–Oak Creak (was SW 2176)SW 7704–Tower Tan (was SW2185)

Door Colors

Any of the following door colors may be used with any of the above building color schemes.

Door Color
SW 7556–WestHighland White
SW 7521–Dormer Brown
SW 7585–Sundried Tomato
SW 6258–Tricorn Black
SW 6159–High Tea
SW 6230–Rainstorm

Mapleton Court

The reason that Mapleton Court Homeowners do not have the option of other colors is because the units are not individually separated. The cedar boards in the back run contiguous with one another creating a single building effect. However, if all units agree to hire one paint contractor to do the painting of the entire building at the same time then a new color can be selected with all in agreement.

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